School Fees

Application Form - 2016:

A fee of LKR 500 is charged at the release of an Application form.

Admission Fee - 2016:

A fee will be charged at the Admission.

Tuition Fees (per Term) - 2015/16:

Tuition fees will be collected at the beginning of the Term with in 2 weeks commencement. Tuition Fees will not be collected monthly.

Please note that All fees paid are non-refundable. Fees may be revised without prior notice, when the occasion demands. Regular payment of fees on time is encourraged while defaulters are causioned with losing the opportunity to sit Term tests.

Installment plan:

The Tuition fees can be payed in 3 instalments, within the first three months of the term.
Please note that Admission Fee and the Tuition Fees for the grade you seek admission will NOT be disclosed over the telephone or by e-mail.