Admission Procedure

Application forms for admission will be issued from the 3rd week of January between 9.00AM - 2 30PM on weekdays, except public and mercantile holidays. They have to be submitted to the Admission Officer at;

22 Kirimandala Mawatha,


Completed application forms with relevant documents will be received between 9.00AM - 2.30PM on weekdays.

Afterwards, the student along with the parents will be called for an interview. Selections will be done based on the performance at the interview and the number of vacancies available.

Selected students will be notified by the Admissions Officer and will be required to pay the prescribed fees, on or before the scheduled date. Failing to pay will result in forfeiting the offer and offering it to the next candidate.

Subsequent complaints will not be entertained. Refund of fees paid will not be made under any circumstances.

Admission to any other Grade will be entertained on the number of vacancies available and will be made after a placement test and an interview. Please speak to the admissions officer.

No previous schooling is required to seek admission to Play Group, Reception and Grade 1. Admission to any other Grade is made on documentary proof of previous education appropriate to the Grade applied for. Medium of previous education is immaterial provided the student displays adequate competence in English.

Applicants Residing Overseas

US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Middle East countries, Singapore, Maldives, India and Bangladesh

Applicants are requested to note that the academic year at Vidura begins in January and Admissions are normally done before January.

The Grade into which a student is admitted will solely depend on the age of the student. (e.g. Grade 1, 5 years + by the 31st of January of the year of admission.) The student will, however, be tested for the suitability to the grade applied for.

The curriculum followed is Sri Lankan and the students are prepared for Sri Lankan GCE examinations.

The students will have to study Sinhala, Tamil, Religion (Buddhism, Christianity, Roman Catholism) and are expected to have a sufficient standard in Sinhala, at admission.

How to apply

Application forms will be issued after an aptitude test an placement interview. Following certificates should be produced at the interview:

  1. Birth Certificate (original)
  2. Leaving Certificate from the last school attended
  3. Any Certificates of Achievement
  4. Parent's employment/income declaration