Concepts & Culture

Vidura College displays a unique identity through its traditions, concepts, and culture. Guided by the Buddhist philosophy, Vidura College provides its students with a homely, comfortable environment while also maintaining a high level of competitiveness in all curricular and co-curricular events, so as to ensure that all students of the school will reach the highest tier of whatever form of occupation and lifestyle they follow, upon their departing from the school.

  1. Children from all walks of life are accepted into the school, as we believe that all children are equally good and equally bad, and are capable of any achievement, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, with the proper guidance throughout childhood.
  2. Religion plays a key role in the molding of a child's personality and it should be given due respect and importance. By encouraging children to follow their own religious faiths and beliefs devoutly, we help inculcate a sense of moral responsibility within them.
  3. Encouraging our students to show magnanimity, respect, and fairness to all, equally.
  4. Ensuring that our children possess the competence and stability to face any challenge or obstacle in life, emerging triumphant in the end.