FIRST TERM TEST 2020 – Grade 6 to Grade 11

1st May 2020

Dear Parents/Students,

FIRST TERM TEST 2020 – Grade 6 to Grade 11

In spite of the fact that the schools are not functioning properly, we have already started communicating with the students through Google Classrooms. Hope you have already joined the Google Classrooms. I am happy that most of the students have responded to the learning facility that we are using now.

At the end of the present classes we are holding with you, we are arranging the Term Test according to the original, annual plans which I believe would be a good news for you. The first Term Test we were unable to hold in school will be given to you through Google Classrooms. It will commence on the 26th of May. The time tables for the subjects that we are going to test will be uploaded to the Google Classrooms, in due course.


The assessment criteria are given below.

Home Study program

Questions and answers done by students


Test papers

Answer through Google Classroom





Home Study Program

The date for submission of ‘Questions and Answers’ written by you, as instructed in the Home Study Program has been extended to 11th of May. Please upload your answer scripts subject wise to the relevant Google Classroom. Avoid uploading to the incorrect classroom.

Submit only the ‘Questions and the Answers’ done as a ‘word document’ (if you have already typed using MS Word) or take a screenshots/images of each sheet and copy and paste into a word document (MS Word).

Please write your Name, Subject, and Class on top of each sheet. Make sure that the screenshots/ images are clear enough for the examiner. Save your word document with the Name, Class and the subject. Follow the example given: AD Janith Perera - 6B - English.docx

First Term Test – Grade 6 to Grade 11


Please note the following. Further instructions will follow.

  1. Test papers will be uploaded to Google Classroom 15 minutes ahead of the commencement time of the exam each day for each subject.
  2. Download the test paper from the Google Classroom.
  3. Read the paper carefully.
  4. Write answers in a sheet of paper/s, preferably in ruled paper/s. (Foolscaps)
  5. Write the Subject, your Name, and Class on top of each answer sheet.
  6. Number each sheet on the center of the bottom of each page.
  7. Take a photo/image shoot of each answer sheet.
  8. Copy and Paste each sheet to a word document (MS Word) properly and save it (Example: AD Janith Perera - 6B - English.docx).
  9. Make sure the images captured are clear enough for the examiner.
  10. Upload the word document with images to the relevant Google Classroom after the lapse of the time for writing answers but within the given time to upload.
  11. Late submissions may be declined.
  12. Keep a copy in a preferable mode for your reference.

Students are reminded to join all the Google classrooms assigned to them in their grades, with student’s personal Gmail Account.

Please make sure the images captured are clear enough for the examiner. Do not upload only the images/photos directly to Google Classrooms.

Answer scripts will be marked by subject teachers. A digital report card will be generated for each student.

Dear Parent,

  • Please arrange a separate place at home, where your child can take part in the Term Test undisturbed.
  • Please encourage and motivate him/her to continue self-studies at home according to a personal timetable aiming at the Term Test. Google Classroom will assist him/her in this endeavor.
  • Your understanding and assistance during this challenging period are much solicited.

All parents and students are hereby informed that teaching and learning process will continue through distance learning mode until schools are permitted to reopen and even after the schools are reopened. We use Google Classroom at present, we may use any other suitable platform in the future.

We are making every effort to contact every student. I am happy that except a few all others have already joined the Google Classrooms. We will provide opportunity for those who have not joined yet to join immediately, so that nobody will be deprived of the term test assessment and the report card.

Thank you,

D.G. Sumanasekara
Vidura College – Colombo