Revision Papers

  1. The teachers do not expect you to get printouts of the question papers because we are aware of the practical difficulties
  2. Wherever possible read the questions to the child
  3. Let the child write the answers in an assignments book
  4. Some questions require only oral answers
  5. Once the child completes a paper, check the Model Answer papers and mark it for the child if you can.
  6. If the child has not performed well, let him answer the paper once again after you discuss the answers with the child.
  7. Allow the child to find the answers from his text books or notes
  8. Remember that these are revision papers and not assessments
  9. If the situation warrants it, we expect to conduct the first term tests once the school starts
  10. Hence, we do not think it is necessary for the teachers to mark the answer scripts.

Holiday Assignment on the New Year

  1. Under normal circumstances the teachers would have given more, clearer instructions to the children on completing the assignments. Since the school closed unexpectedly, they were unable to do so.
  2. We are aware that the New Year experience of the children is inadequate this year due to the lockdown.
  3. Hence, we do not expect the children to produce project papers at the same standard as previous years.
  4. Please discuss with your child the guidance given by the teachers to complete the assignment and support the child by providing material as well as thoughts and ideas. Do not do the assignment for the child under any circumstances.
  5. Children are encouraged to bring their project papers to school but will not be penalized in any way if they are unable to complete the assignments due to practical difficulties.

New Lessons on the Vidura eLearning You Tube Channel

  1. Please access the channel and find the lessons for your child
  2. Give the child access to a computer if possible to listen to the lessons.
  3. We have ensured that unnecessary and inappropriate videos will not be prompted by You Tube. However parental supervision is mandatory when access to the internet is given to children
  4. Teachers do not expect the children to write the notes down in their exercise books.
  5. If the child wishes to note down something on his own, it is OK.
  6. Some lessons have questions and assignments. Children can give oral answers or write down the answers.
  7. Teachers do not expect the children to produce the answers to them for marking.
  8. Let the child listen to the same lesson several times until the content gets written in the ‘head’.
  9. Allow the children to listen to lessons of other Grades as well if he is interested.
  10. Continue to check the Channel regularly since we will be posting new lessons when teachers prepare and submit them.
  11. Teachers will not assume that all children have learned the lessons through the internet when the school reopens. We are aware that all parents do not have the same facilities. Teachers will teach these lessons when school starts for the benefit of the children who were unable to use the eLearning facility. It would be in the form of discussions, such that the children who have learned will not become bored.

Special Issue of V Dream

Please click on V-Dream eMagazine to access the special issue of the school e Magazine and enjoy the poems, essays and paintings done by the teachers with your child.

Those who have not seen the inaugural issue of the e Magazine V DREAM should kindly click on the link given on the Facebook account for that in early March.

Parents should kindly understand that the teachers are engaged in the eLearning Programme in spite of the lockdown amidst many difficulties: Lack of facilities at home, lack of credit, non-availability of sound proof environments, lack of technological expertise etc.

I am thankful to the teachers of the Vidura Primary who rallied around at short notice, to venture in to a programme that they had no previous experience at all.

It is because we care for the children and EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

Somabandhu Kodikara
Principal (Primary)
Vidura College - Colombo
22 April 2020