I am pleased to inform the parents that the eLearning project that was started to minimize the adverse impact of the extended school closure and global lockdown is well under way.

Phase 1

The teachers of the Nursery as well as Primary prepared Revision papers covering the work done in the first term, for the children to do at home.

These can be accessed by entering in your browser. Parents are expected to make available these papers to the children. The papers have been designed such that printed copies are not required.

For children in the lower primary, the parents are requested to read the questions to the children and get them to answer.

Phase 2

After giving sufficient time for the children to do the Revision papers, Model Answer papers were posted on the school website.

Parents will understand that it is practically not possible for teachers to get the answer scripts from children during this period. Hence parents are requested to assist the children in making corrections to their answer scripts using these model answer papers.

Phase 3

Teachers of Primary Grades set New Year Holiday Assignments for children. These assignments are also available on the school websites. Parents are requested to make the best use of the available time and assist the children to do these assignments.

Phase 4

I am pleased to inform you today that the teachers have now gone in to the next stage of the eLearning Programme.

New lessons based on the second term work have been prepared by them.


I am happy to introduce to you the You Tube Channel created for facilitating the extended eLearning programme. All the lessons prepared by the teachers of Vidura Nursery and Primary are posted on this Channel.

How to access the Channel:

  1. Access internet on your Browser and type in the search box and enter
  2. When you are on YouTube, type vidura elearning on the Search Box and enter
  3. Click on the school logo that appears on top
  4. Now you are on the Vidura eLearning Channel
  5. Click on Subscribe button before you forget
  6. Investigate the lessons that are posted on the Channel. Even lessons meant for higher or lower Grades might be useful to your child
  7. Enjoy the lessons with your child.


I hope that parents have seen the inaugural issue of V Dream – eMagazine created for the children of Vidura Primary to develop their creative writing skills.

Go to the school Facebook account and click on the V DREAM link.


You are aware that 22 April is named as the Earth Day and is globally observed. Since we are unable to make direct contact with the children, a special issue of the e Magazine with contributions from the teachers will be launched on 22 April 2020. This will be a tribute paid by the teachers of Vidura Nursery and Primary to mother earth on behalf of the children.

You may access it by visiting the Facebook account of the school and clicking on the V Dream link given.

Dear Parents, Let us get together to make our children happy, focused and safe during this difficult time.

Somabandhu Kodikara
Principal (Primary)
20 April 2020