Special Holiday (March - April, 2020) - Home Study Programme

Thursday, 9th April 2020

Letter from the Principal

Dear Parent,

We are in the middle of the special holiday declared by the government on account of virus pandemic Sri Lanka is now facing. Sudden closure of the school caused our academic activities to end abruptly leaving a part of work planned for the First Term left undone including the Term End assessment.

Initially it was arranged all teachers to report to work and arrange lessons to be sent to students electronically so that they can continue learning uninterrupted. However, it had to be abandoned as the government declared indefinite curfew with severe warnings to confine to homes.

The only option left was to encourage the students to do self-studies at home but according to a planned program. If not, desired results cannot be achieved.

We have worked out a carefully thought out plan with a timetable that they should resort to each day of the week. It will help them to continue a ‘focused study’ with a purpose. It will help them to reach objectives given in the syllabi and teacher guides for each lesson in each subject, the two documents provide framework for learning and teaching in the school.

The materials, namely, short notes, model questions and model answers they produce in this program will provide the base to begin studies at school when it will be opened, including the First Term End Assessment. Hence it is important that they abide by the instructions and follow the program. However, they will miss the school environment, interaction with teachers and association of peers, which are extremely important parts of a school learning program and in upbringing of a child which are unavoidable in the circumstances.

Please be good enough to pass this message to your child.

Meanwhile, you are kindly informed to encourage your child to follow the timetable and the instructions given and methodology to follow to reap the maximum benefit of this program during this period of holiday. The timetable has provided enough time to relax and for leisure, so it is stress free.

You may please guide them as far as you can because young children need guidance and direction.

It will be a novel experience, and at times challenging and enjoyable.

They have become their own ‘Guru’ and the ‘Examiner’.

It reminds our motto: ‘Attahi Attano Natho’ (අත්තාහි අත්තනෝ නාථෝ) - ‘Oneself is one’s own protector’

Thank you,

D.G. Sumanasekara