VIDURA College excels in the 2015 GCE A/L Examination producing Colombo District 1st in Mathematics stream (English medium)

Vidura, the pioneer National School in the national syllabus in English medium has produced five outstanding achievers with A passes in all subjects including the General English. Among them PULASTHI Ekanayake of the Mathematics stream has achieved the 1st place in the Colombo District.

Achievers' of 3A Passes - 2015

The overall results of the A/L section at Vidura has shown a great stride with 78% pass rate while 42 students qualifying to apply for local and foreign Universities.

The high performance of these students could be attributed to the dedicated service of the A/L faculty, regular attendance of the students and the strict assessment and evaluation programme conducted in the section.

It is noteworthy that at Vidura, the GCE A/L classes commence as early as in February, thus providing the students sufficient time to complete the syllabuses and revise the work too. GCE A/L students at Vidura has the opportunity of enhancing their English proficiency by following the CPE level - Certified Proficiency in English - conducted by the University of Cambridge, UK.

Achievers' of 3A passes:

  • Pulasthi Ekanayake
  • Nihansa Ranatunge
  • Reeshman Jiffrey
  • Nipuna Sri Ranansinghe
  • Ravindu Kulawardene